XEN007 for Orphan Neurological Indications

XEN007, A CaV2.1 Calcium Channel Inhibitor

XEN007 (active ingredient flunarizine) is a CNS-acting calcium channel inhibitor that directly modulates the Cav2.1 channel. Flunarizine has been used outside of the U.S. in the prevention of chronic migraine, and in case studies, it has been reported to have clinical benefit in other neurological disorders, including hemiplegic migraine (HM) and alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC).

Xenon has received ODD from the FDA for XEN007 for the treatment of HM and AHC. In addition, Xenon entered into key agreements in order to access regulatory files and manufacturing support to potentially enable an accelerated clinical development of XEN007 directly into a Phase 2 clinical trial. Xenon is currently evaluating various development strategies for XEN007, including the support of at least one Phase 2 clinical trial in an orphan neurological indication.